Why Some Policies Fail
Policy FailTraining in occupancy guidelines is fairly standard protocol in our industry these days, but what about policy implementation? Webinar leader Mark S. Alper has found that policy implementation tends to be uneven, and that this frequently results in failure somewhere along the line—even if the policy is timely and well-written.
This webinar will address the common sources of policy failures, and actions you can take to ensure your policies are understood at all levels in order to attain maximum compliance.
What you’ll learn:
• The principal components of policy implementation
• Overcoming institutional resistance within your organization
• The fine line between policy necessity and overburdening
• Why word choice matters: how it can save you from trouble—or cost you a lot of aggravation and money
About Mark Alper:
Mark S. Alper is NCHM’s Vice President for Compliance. One of our most popular trainers—as well as a sought-after speaker and consultant—Mark also shares his insights on compliance-related topics in his Compliance Corner column in NCHM’s monthly Housing Management Update email newsletter (subscribe).

Why Some Policies Fail
Oct. 30, 2012, 2-3:30 pm EST
$139 (Register online: $95)
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